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Durable and Magnetic Stainless Steel
( Patented )

New alloy Durmalloy has been added to KMG Mesh for prevention of foreign material.

  • 110 mesh has been the finest magnetic mesh available. Now it is available up to 350 mesh..
  • Mechanical property for strength and durability is superior to other magnetic steels.(Fig.1~4)
  • Because it is magnetic, broken piece can be recovered just in case. (Fig.5)
  • Very high resistance to stress corrosion. (Fig.6)

Comparison of Characteristics (Test Piece:φ0.15×60mesh)

  1. Test piece( fixed on stainless steel plate 50x50x t1.5mm ) was grinded for 8 hours in vibratory barrels and grinding stones( MORP6×15:15kg,MT15×10:45kg ).
  2. One end of test piece( 12×150mm ) was bended repeatedly in the range of -45°~ +45°under 2kgf load until it was broken.
  3. Max. distance for test piece( 5x5mm ) drawn by magnet( NEOMAX-48BH ).

  4. * In corrosive conditions, please consult with us.
    * KNM 21 is another magnetic alloy developed prior to Durmalloy. Please ask us for more details.