International Mesh Products Private Limited was established in Singapore since 1997. Our headquarter Kansai Wire Netting Co. Ltd. is located in Osaka, Japan. We manufacture stainless steel made products like woven wire mesh, screens and wire conveyor belt for use in many industries.

Our architectural mesh and screen products are widely used in boutique residential and commercial buildings in their interiors and exteriors design in area like lift lobbies, curtain walls, cladding, facade, awnings, ceiling and partitioning. We believed that these newly selected unique products would enrich your architect and designers choice.

Our products are manufactured using highly innovative mesh and screen weaving technologies. With superior controlled tension, flexibility, rigidness and strength quality, coupled with selected quality material, stainless steel grade SUS316 and SUS304 in the form of wire, pre-crimped wire, wire rope and flat wire.

As a leading industrial wire mesh manufacturer, we will always ensure to meet our customers requirement with our Timely, Correctly and Honestly commitment we are renowned for.

Customer Satisfaction

To cater to customers’ needs & preferences, various patterns & designs are available to be tailored to your specific projects. For example the Aperture, Wire diameter & Opening ratio can be customized.

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